Improving industrial capacity and efficiency by leveraging existing control systems

Reduce site visits with remote monitoring for productivity, maintenance optimization, and energy reduction in industrial applications.


  • Efficiency

    Improves operational efficiency by delivering combined benefits of up to 50% downtime reduction

    • Significantly reduces downtime, with up to 30% reduction.
    • Increases MTBF by up to 20%.
    • Decreases MTTR by up to 25%.

    Improved device compatibility with thorough integration

    • Cost-e ective and confidential data processing with edge computing e ciency.
    • Proactive maintenance for predictive and cost-saving upkeep.
    • Inventory reduction through cost-e ective asset management, enabling swift and responsive control for real-time decision-making.


Edge processing involves handling data closer to the source

We can enhances data confidentiality, accelerates decision-making, and reduces costs

We develop and deploy cutting-edge Machine Learning for predictive maintenance

Minimizing downtime and operational costs. It optimizes spare parts allocation, reducing inventory expenses and enhancing asset utilization.

Using IoT communication standards and industrial protocols

Ensures high data quality, optimal sampling rates and adaptability to various deployment requirements.

Aingura's advanced solutions have enabled us to improve our competitiveness in the market for gearboxes manufactured in-house (Izdit), and we expect them to continue to do so by improving our positioning in new products, like remote maintenance.
Beltrán Ybarra CEO Izadi Mecanizados
Our collaboration with Aigura has significantly enhanced the maintainability of our CNC machine tools, bringing substantial benefits to both our operations and our valued automotive customer.
Jose Juan Gabilondo Etxetar Technical Director