Thermal drift prediction for improved tool tip accuracy



Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid

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Data Acquisition Data Acquisition
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Industry Industry


Maintenance Maintenance
Condition Monitoring Condition Monitoring


  • 8% improvement in machine availability.
  • Improved machine design by detecting the part of the machine that is most sensitive to thermal changes.

Developed AI Technologies

  • Data intelligence.
  • Smart sensors.
  • Intelligent automation.
  • Machine learning.
  • Pattern analysis, prediction and intelligent classification.


  • To increase in machine availability in through high temperature gradients in production facilities. Due to these gradients, the machine/manufacturing line had to be idle around 2 hours.
  • Support to the PLC/CNC compensation system to withstand extreme temperature changes.
  • Improvement of the machine design according to the study of the sensitivity of different parts of the machine to extreme changes in temperature in a real productive environment.
  • To complement analyzes done with finite elements during the machine design phase.
Correlation between temperature and machine structure.
Correlation between temperature and machine structure.


  • Dataset size: 2GB
  • Number of variables: 15
  • Sampling time: 100ms
  • Development of the first unattended system for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data and interaction with the PLC.
  • A predictive system for tool tip positioning has been developed.
  • Development of an off-line variable selection model.
  • Development of a multi-output regression model for continuous variables of temperature and flow.

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