30.09.2020 | Press release

We’re very pleased to welcome our newest members Xabier Marquiegui and Kevin Cook. Our company is growing every day and we’re excited to have them among us.

Welcome aboard!

Xabier has been an Embedded Software Engineer for the last 14 years. He has participated in the development of multiple generations of embedded products ranging from small low memory systems to complex multiprocessor systems. All product families have had a focus in mass production. While working on the software platform for the development of the target products, Xabier has also focused in establishing development guidelines to aid in code traceability.

Kevin brings to Aingura IIoT his 18 years of experience in hardware-centric product development and project management, on two continents and across multiple sectors, including satellite television, telecom, and networking components for data centers.

“I’m thrilled to join the Aingura IIoT team, where I’m sure I will have great opportunities to work on exciting projects that will challenge us to grow at a professional and personal level.”

– Xabier Marquiegui, Senior Embedded Software Engineer

“I hope to contribute my expertise in transforming great ideas into outstanding products. Aingura IIoT is an exciting place to be, right at the crest of the transformation bringing intelligence to every corner of the factory and every piece of critical infrastructure.”

– Kevin Cook, Hardware Architect