21.06.2017 | Press release

Plethora IIoT goes one step further in its consolidation as an enterprise of the future with the opening of its new offices.

The space is a great advancement when it comes to material and human resources, projecting the enterprise into the sector’s leading threshold. The new space makes it possible to do client demos, adjusted to the requirements of their own facilities.

Besides featuring offices and meeting areas, the premises have a up-to-the-minute laboratory where research can be done on an ongoing basis. Demos can be carried out for partners and potential clients, and new applications and implantations are designed for clients as well.

The facilities feature advanced systems and media for designing and setting up the unfolding solutions Plethora IIoT currently makes available. The goal of the Plethora IIoT solution is to provide real-time knowledge from the edge of production plants and other industrial complexes. By using this solution, factory performance is made more agile and improved, bettering productivity and saving energy.

The new offices are found inside the Etxe Tar factory, industrial group Plethora IIoT is part of. Being this close makes it possible to get a deeper, day-to-day knowledge of factory operations, their needs and expectations, combined with the technological, computing and machine-learning capacity of Plethora IIoT. The new office facilities will be the site for developing engineering and high-technology solutions, implementing Smart Factory operative architectures.

Working from them, the Plethora IIoT team will consolidate its portfolio of solutions and new projects, making it possible to make decisions beyond real time, adjusting them to the requirements of the most demanding manufacturing processes.

All this is focused towards ensuring Plethora IIoT clients acquire operative excellence through improved performance of industrial systems and machinery, quality control in real time and the improvement of operative processes and efficient consumption.