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We champion a down-top approach where maintenance improvements are initially generated at the producer/consumer level rotodynamic systems (conveyor belts, pumps, HBS, automatic stairs...) and can subsequently be integrated into centralized corporate systems (GMAO, Máximo, SAP, Scada...).



    Reduction of unscheduled shutdowns (80%)

    • Reduction of preventive maintenance cost (50%).
    • Reduction of corrective maintenance cost (20%).
    • Reduction of energy consumptions (5%).
    • PRI: 1,5 years
  • Adaptability

    Adaptable to different environments

    • Less susceptible to failure.
    • Non intrusive.
    • More economical


The system generates a Health Index for electromechanical systems

Based on energy consumption and vibrations correlation, enabling early detection of abnormal behavior, priorizing energy consumption as analysis signal to detect both mechanical and electrical anomalies.

Minimizing errors in consumption analysis

The algorithm optimally associates multiple consumer switch-o  events with a single switch-on event.

Enhances early anomaly detection and energy efficiency

The system infers mechanical behavior from energy consumption, monitoring multiple devices with one energy meter, allowing the execution of maintenance routines avoiding corrective maintenance when the anomaly has not yet caused the system to shut down.


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Author: Carlos Puerto-Santana, Concha Bielza, Javier Diaz-Rozo, Guillem Ramirez-Gargallo, Filippo Mantovani, Gaizka Virumbrales, Jesús Labarta and Pedro Larrañaga

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Author: J. Diaz-Rozo

Title: Clustering probabilístico dinámico para la búsqueda de patrones de degradación de elementos de máquina en el ámbito del Industrie 4.0

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