Enhance safety, efficiency, and analysis in civil infrastructure maintenance for sustainable development.



Aingura IIoT promotes the introduction of digitalization in companies to become their most recognized partner improving their competitiveness at product, process and service level through our ability to solve real problems using proprietary Artificial Intelligence technologies, and also maintaining a sustainable economic, professional and social internal development.

About us

Why trust Aingura

At Aingura IIoT we address the optimization problem related to critical business processes from the perspective of their in-depth knowledge, and taking into account different approaches (energy efficiency, increased useful life, maintenance optimization, comprehensive improvement). We provide a top-notch proprietary IT / OT systems architecture, combining world-class computing and high availability capabilities with the best advanced data analysis Machine Leaning-based algorithms.


  • We see what others do not see
  • We find what others do not find
  • We understand what others do not understand
  • We reduce costs
  • We increase productivity
  • We optimize resources