09.11.2017 | Press release

Aingura IIoT has opened up a space for everyone visiting our web to view how the “Aingura IIoT Solution” really works.

This interactive page makes it possible to get in-depth understanding of what the solution does at every moment, detailing the ways it benefits all enterprises opting for it, enhancing understanding of how it really works.

The Aingura IIoT architecture is one of its foundations, along with its ready availability in high-performance computing and Machine-to-Machine implementation, opening up intelligent production lines. A further feature is the application of Artificial Intelligence to optimize performance criteria through computational learning.

With the Aingura IIoT solution, machine learning-based knowledge discovery is performed in Real Time at the Edge to maximize your factory’s competitiveness. This reduces downtime, saves energy and facilitates new ways of planning production, customized to you and your assets.

On the online map you can see how Plethora IIoT gathers massive data from multiple sensors and heterogeneous devices, as specially tailored machine learning algorithms perform Real-Time diagnosis and prognosis.

The algorithms are processed with parallel, high-performance computation capacity in distributed nodes, deployed in a cluster configuration in the solution’s architecture. We also see how third-party information systems and cloud-computing environments are integrated.

Plethora IIoT develops Edge Prognosis for:

  • Equipment and manufacturing process performance
  • Real-Time quality control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Operational process improvement
  • Consumption efficiency