Aingura IIoT is conceived to be exploited at the operational layer of industrial contexts characterized by highly complex and intensive production rates, where critical responses are essential, reporting knowledge outcomes to the executive business level.

This is accomplished by employing Aingura IIoT's powerful computational capacity to manage high data volume at the edge tier.

A Holistic Solution

This wisdom come to the fore thanks to Aingura IIoT’s broad capacity in critical functions:

● capturing massive data from multiple sensors and heterogeneous devices
● noise data filtering and dataset retrival
● processing algorithms with parallel, high-performance computation capacity
● integrating third-party information systems and cloud-computing environments


4 Key Strengths

1. Emphasizing

Aingura IIoT makes the M2M paradigm come alive, with every piece of equipment connected to the networked solution, enabled to recognize the overall body of devices and machines operating as a single smart system.

The cluster nodes share data and information results in obtaining answers along the way, leading to operational excellence.

2. Artificial Intelligence for
Pattern Recognition and
Computational Learning

Aingura IIoT gives you the right answers to all questions posed, minimizing false positives thanks to these machine-learning strategies:

● complex algorithms based on long-distance statistics.

● identification and application of the specific algorithm in the concrete functioning scenario.

● modelling an autonomous (non-assisted) operational system in a evolutive-convolutional manner (the algorithm is self-learning when attached to the machine).

3. High Availability in
High-Performance Computing

US patent pending 03/17

Aingura IIoT handles a massive amount of data to be intensely computed at the edge computing layer, thanks to HPC features (US patent pending 03/17).

The Aingura IIoT solution deploys a highly-available architecture comprised of computing systems to create a mass-capacity cluster for parallel computing algorithms, requiring intensive computational calculus.

The architecture makes it possible to derive responses and actions in critical time, generating key knowledge in profiling operational processes.

4. IT/OT Integration for
Business Interoperability

Aingura IIoT solutions are fully compliant with industrial communication standards (Profibus, Modbus, IO-Link, …), capturing data from sensors, devices and industrial systems. It simultaneously interoperates with enterprise information systems and in the cloud.

Aingura enables the OT and IT contexts to successfully coexist, facilitating the contribution of the OT layer knowledge to IT systems.

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