Aingura IIoT will be present as a keynote speaker at the 15th MIF in China

The next 24th of October 2018, our IIoT Team Leader, Javier Diaz, will be giving a keynote “IIoT-based Actionable Insights to Enable Smart Manufacturing as a Real Competitiveness Improvement Tool for Industries” at the 15th Manufacturing International Forum in Tianjin, China.

During the keynote, Javier will provide details from Aingura IIoT’s success stories where the deployment of its IIoT architecture together with Machine Learning technologies has represented an improvement to the customer competitiveness. Additionally, a brief presentation its co-lead testbed at the Industrial Internet Consortium called “Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance” will be given.

The Manufacturing International Forum is an event with 15 years of experience that covers manufacturing strategy development, smart manufacturing launching, corporation management changing and upgrading. This forum is designed as summit for senior management of high-quality manufacturing enterprises delivering updated , advanced and edging ideas and ways of corporation management.

See you there!

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