Aingura IIoT showcases machine learning for predictive maintenance use cases during Japan’s IVI and IIC joint event

Aingura IIoT presented its co-sponsored Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance testbed during the second Industrial Value Chain Initiative from Japan and the Industrial Internet Consortium joint seminar held on the first of June in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

During its presentation, preliminary results regarding this innovative testbed were shown, explaining how machine-learning techniques applied to time-critical predictive maintenance leads to actionable insights, enabling companies to move away from traditional preventative maintenance. Real uses cases of unplanned downtime minimization and system operation optimization within real industrial environments were also explained.

The event with 300+ attendees attracted the interest of many important Japanese companies for the application of machine learning to solve real problems in the industry. Moreover, it was useful for Aingura IIoT to get more insights about Japanese industry requirements in terms of data analytics from different sectors such as electronics and automotive.

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