28.02.2018 | Press release

The most technologically advanced company from Etxe Tar Group has just taken a new step foward in its mission to establish itself as as a leading firm in industrial digitalization. The enterprise, which until now had operated under the name Plethora IIoT, will henceforth be called Angura IIoT as part of a strategy change focused on maximizing its presence in the global market.

Aingura IIoT will keep the same philosophy and furthermore plans on strengthening its original objectives.

The company has state of the art facilities in which its staff develop IIoT solutions for industrial digitalization. These solutions allow decisions about advanced industrial processes to be taken in a more agile manner through data collection in the machines in order to support decision making beyond real time while adjusting them to the requirements of the manufacturing processes.

Aingura IIoT works from the edge to put these solutions together and integrate them with diverse partners, presenting the valuable data from the edge on superior wireframes.

Aingura IIoT is a pioneer in the convergence of high performance computing architectures, analysis and the integration of technical industrial operations with information technology. They provide engineering solutions with advanced technologies by implementing Smart Factory Operational Architectures.

All of this systems from their steadfast commitment to reliable architecture systems.